Dental Implants: Giving You a Semi-Permanent Complete Smile

Dental Implants: Giving You a Semi-Permanent Complete Smile

A dental implant procedure is an optimal approach to prosthetic teeth especially if you’d like to avoid the hassles of wearing dentures. It’s a kind of semi-permanent procedure you would want to be done in a high-end dental clinic like the ones in Makati due to its delicate yet effective nature of implementation.

What is a Dental Implant

A dental implant is a surgical procedure done to replace your missing teeth. It has long-term benefits since the implant is directly embedded into your jawbone much like your natural teeth.  They also perform better than real teeth because of their synthetic structure which means they’re safe from developing cavities as a real tooth would.

Dental implants have distinct advantages over dentures and you might like the following benefits if you undergo this procedure.

  • There are no diet restrictions so you may eat anything you like without worry.
  • The implant doesn’t affect the neighboring teeth.
  • They look natural.
  • Can last beyond their average expected replacement date if taken care of properly.
  • You can say goodbye to dentures. Smile without worry!

Those are just some of the advantages you may enjoy with dental implants over having dentures on, but of course, a dental implant procedure also needs you to have healthy gums and enough bones to support the implant.

This requires a commitment to keeping your dental hygiene in peak condition so we’ll be regularly maintaining your teeth while monitoring your progress to ensure you’re having the best treatment you deserve.

If you’re okay with this then head over to Estetico Manila, our dental clinic at Makati city and we’ll be more than happy to give you an appointment and advice about the dental implant procedure so you’ll know if it is suitable for your condition.

Let’s  Set an Appointment

Given that a dental implant procedure is done surgically, it’s very important to prioritize your safety and let the best and brightest dentists take care of you. Look for dental services in Makati since this is where the high-end dental clinics are.

Go ahead and check out our dental implant service to have the right information about this matter. By the time we meet you, you’ll be more than ready to undergo this procedure and have a better smile soon.