Dental Surgery

Some dental problems may require surgery to alleviate pain or restore your tooth to a better condition.  You can leave it to Estetico Manila’s best and brightest dentists to provide you with the proper dental surgery you need.  

Below is our list of surgical procedures guaranteed to give you a sigh of relief and a smile that will last a lifetime.

Dental Surgery Services

Tooth Extraction – This procedure is necessary if a tooth is badly damaged from trauma or decay. In other cases, tooth extraction is also necessary to  give space for a crowded mouth by aligning the teeth properly via orthodontia.

Ankylosed Tooth Extraction – An ankylosed tooth needs special care and a different extraction method since this kind of tooth is permanently connected to the jaw. This will require more than a simple extraction to avoid fracturing a large part of the buccal alveolar bone.

Impacted Tooth Removal – The telling signs of impacted teeth are:

  • Red, swollen, or bleeding gums
  • A bad taste in your mouth
  • Bad breath
  •  Difficulty or pain when mouth Is opened or when chewing or biting

It’s usually a wisdom tooth or a cuspid tooth that suffers from impaction and the way to treat these are either through eruption or surgical removal.

Having them erupted or removed will help you avoid cavities, decay, crowding, and even gum diseases.

Alveolectomy – This is a procedure ideal for patients with severely infected teeth that already needs extraction and prostheses. 

This type of dental surgery removes the tooth down to the roots by removing some alveolar bone surrounding the tooth and serves as preparation for other dental procedures. You can expect a successful surgery with Estetico Manila.

Epulis Removal – Epulis (aka denture epulis) is most common in elderly people experiencing persistent trauma from ill-fitting dentures. The result from the trauma would be lesions and these can be easily removed with surgery.

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