3 Popular Dental Procedures for a Better and Brighter Smile

3 Popular Dental Procedures for a Better and Brighter Smile

Visiting your dentist once or twice a year is a healthy frequency. Even if you keep your teeth and gums clean at all times it always pays off to visit so you’ll know about the oral problems you can’t see or feel.

Normally you’ll have a checkup and dental cleaning, but if the dentist finds other problems, you may need to have either a dental surgery or have dental veneers or implants installed depending on your specific need.

A quick trip to the dentist will let you know exactly what you need and you gotta know what you’re getting into.

Surgical Procedures

Dental surgery is required for cases such as impacted wisdom teeth, missing tooth, mouth lesions, misaligned jaw, sleep apnea, and facial or other oral damage. The most usual reason for patients to go into surgery is for impacted wisdom tooth removal, surgical tooth extraction, and dental implant procedures.

Surgical Tooth Extraction

Extracting a tooth that isn’t visible will require dental surgery. In most cases, this is due to the tooth breaking off and getting lodged in the gums. General anesthesia is neccessary when pulling the tooth off so you’ll be asleep for the procedure. It’s a painless and worry-free procedure.

Impacted wisdom tooth will try to grow out once the last of your molars come out. They may usually erupt and that won’t cause issues, but when they don’t fully erupt, they’ll become improperly aligned which is the cause of impaction between the gums and jawbone. This may affect the surrounding teeth and that’s why they need to be removed via dental surgery.

Lastly, patients come in to have dental implants installed because there are only a few missing teeth that will need prosthetics. A realistic prosthetic tooth will be implanted directly into the jawbone (subperiosteal) and they’ll fuse over time.

It requires dental surgery to prepare but it’s the cost is worth the natural look.

Non-Invasive Procedures

Simple tooth extraction is done to remove the visible damaged and decayed tooth or removing a tooth in preparation for getting braces. You’ll just be given local anesthesia and off your tooth goes. This procedure is guaranteed to be quick and painless.

Dental Veneers

You should try getting dental veneers if you want to improve your teeth’s appearance. This is perfect especially if you take care of your oral hygiene diligently. This procedure is done by bonding pieces of strong porcelain to the teeth. Dental veneers correct slightly crowded or overlapping teeth and it can also improve and protect damaged or decayed teeth.

Get an Appointment

Find a dental clinic with a trusted dentist. Go online or look around town before you get an appointment. The right clinic with the right dentist will take care of you from the checkup, recommendations, and down to the procedures.

Don’t pick the cheapest or the most expensive service. Great service speaks for itself so look for patient reviews and testimonies. Keep researching and get an appointment once you’re ready. Once you find the right one you should visit often to keep your teeth perfect.